Internet Optimization Processor


       APPEX takes a lead to construct Application Delivery Solution which can reduce the data flow of WAN, save bandwidth to accelerate the reaction time, improve the experiences of terminal users and increase the efficiency of bandwidth. Also, it prevents P2P from occupying the bandwidth resources and protects the critical adaptability. The simplified IT fundamental structure can lower the user's investment and maintenance cost to insure the reliability, availability and flexibility of networking connection and application of the enterprises; therefore, they can heighten the productivity.

       The products of APPEX provides state of the arts WAN acceleration, traffic management, and multilink load balancing functionalities, inclusive of TCP acceleration, data compression, byte cache, the applied acceleration of HTTP, traffic shaping, traffic classification, precise traffic control, priority control, intelligent bandwidth distribution, multilink/route optimization and load balancing. APPEX owns multiple technologies ahead of the world in WAN acceleration, load balance and traffic control. The unique and asymmetric TCP acceleration can accelerate all the WAN bandwidth with single end deployment and increase users' WAN link throughput. This remarkable technology has broadened the market coverage of APPEX. Besides, the end-to-end bandwidth control of APPEX can regulate traffic accurately without restraining bandwidth, but non end-to-end technology causes great amount of bandwidth loss as it controls traffic by dropping in downloading. APPEX does not only control TCP but also UDP.

This processor has different throughput of 50MB, 200MB, 400MB, 1GB, 2GB, 10GB or 30GB. It can also be customized by customers’ need.

This wireless internet optimization processor is developed according to the application of wireless internet nowadays.

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